Fall at Gonzaga is always a bit asynchronous: While the colors of fall foreshadow the coming winter, it is the season of new life and excitement on campus. As this issue comes to you, we welcome our first-year students and welcome back returning ones; the excitement of being back in full swing informs the entire community. What talented students we have! How blessed we are with the staff and faculty members who accompany them on their educational journeys.

Indeed, this issue focuses in large part on our faculty. From the incalculable contributions of emeritus professor Fr. Bill Ryan, S.J. (Philosophy), to the gifts of new faculty such as Dr. Kellie Jackson (History), we celebrate the central role the faculty play in the institution’s mission, and the new frontiers of knowledge at which they work with our students. Future issues will feature more of the Gonzaga faculty’s extraordinary work and the difference they make in our students’ futures.

During my first year as an undergraduate, I was fortunate to land a job working for former Registrar Betty Cole. One individual I came to know was Fr. Al Carroll, S.J., who then worked with the academic vice president on matters of course registration and academic standing. Fr. Carroll worked tirelessly to help students gain access to the appropriate courses; only years later did I learn of his incredible efforts to bring the marginalized children of Korean mothers and American fathers to the United States. Three decades later, we reflect on his work and its lasting impact.

The economic recession is beginning to take its toll on government support for university students. Major reductions in the Washington State Work-Study Program prevent us from providing support for many off-campus, field-relevant student work positions. We will do our best to find alternative means to support some of these students, but I expect the funding reductions to continue. Fortunately, your support allows us to provide work-study support for a number of students, and we are truly grateful. We will continue to focus on student scholarship and financial aid in our fundraising efforts.

Please know that we do our daily work fully cognizant that it is made possible by your prayers, gifts and support. On behalf of the entire Gonzaga community – Jesuits, students, faculty and staff – know that we are grateful, and that you are in our daily prayers. As we move into the beauty that is autumn, may the peace of Christ be with you and yours, always.

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