The Jesuit mission. The Catholic intellectual tradition and its central role within the Catholic university. Living in community. Reconciliation of relations. Respect for all God’s creation.

These Catholic precepts and ideas run broad and deep in the life of Father Frank Case, S.J., Gonzaga’s new vice president for mission. Father Case comes to Gonzaga after two years at Seattle University. Previously, he lived in Rome where he spent 18 years serving Father General Peter-Hans Kolvenbach. The positions Father Case held, regional assistant for the United States and secretary general of the Society, are among the highest in the Society of Jesus. A Seattle boy, born and bred, Father Case has referred to his somewhat unusual trajectory as an instance of “God writing straight with crooked lines.”

Father Case remains animated, he says, by a love for and excitement about the Jesuit mission of forming students into men and women for others. Much of Father Case’s role at Gonzaga lies in educating and supporting the lay faculty and staff in their understanding of Gonzaga’s mission as a Catholic, Jesuit, humanistic university. One of his first acts in the Office of Mission has been to create a Mission Advisory Council, through which faculty and staff can help to guide his work.

“We are past the time when we Jesuits expect our lay colleagues to collaborate with us. That began in the ’70s and ’80s. Since General Congregation 34 in 1995 the reality is that we Jesuits collaborate with our lay colleagues, to help them realize and live their own vocations.”

This summer, Father Case celebrated his 55th year in the Society of Jesus.

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