Pop quiz:

1. Why did the Jesuits move the original college building in 1900?

a) To take advantage of the riverfront view.
b) To reach level ground.
c)  To move away from the railroad tracks

2. What luxury did Father Cataldo forbid?

a) A woolly dog trained to warm the feet of one of the Jesuits.
b) Cloth napkins and bed sheets
c) The fastest carriage horse in Spokane Falls

3. Where did the valedictorian of 1898 practice his speech?

a) In the original St. Aloysius Church, a small clapboard building.
b) In the excavated foundation of College Hall.
c) In the middle of Boone Avenue, because there was little to no traffic.

4. Under what condition was permission given for the first dance at Gonzaga?

a) Only three girls could be invited
b) The boys danced with the boys; and the girls danced with the girls
c) The only boys allowed to attend were those with the highest grades.

5. The sinking of the Titanic delayed public announcement of what watershed event at Gonzaga?

a) The beginning of organized football
b) The decision that Gonzaga College would become Gonzaga University
c) The decision to create a law school

6. What mishap befell the first Pilgrimage?

a) The state park had mistakenly scheduled a wedding at the Sacred Heart Mission (now known as the Cataldo Mission) the same day as the first Pilgrimage
b) At least 20 students complained bitterly of blisters.
c) There wasn’t enough food for everyone at dinner.

Answers: 1, c; 2, a; 3, b; 4, b; 5, b and c; 6, c.

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