On July 17 Gonzaga’s summer Field Botany class walks along the summit of Mount Spokane. Sherry Wood has taught the summer-only class for the past 18 years.

Professor Sherry Wood examines a plant during a field trip to Mount Spokane. Students learn how to identify plants, a skill that complements classroom knowledge, Wood said.

Senior Adam Morrison (right), senior Kellie Malone and senior Katelyn Pennington pause between collecting plants on Mount Spokane. Students work during the summer session to collect and identity various plants, which they then include in a final project.

Senior Katelyn Pennington (left), senior Kellie Malone and Professor Sherry Wood collect plants.

A student moves through a field of plants recording information.

Junior Caitlin Haan uses a hand lens to examine a plant in the Caryophyllaceae family, also known as the pink family.

Senior Adam Morrison wraps plants in moist newspaper. Students collect plant specimens and then return to the lab to identify the plants using microscopes and scalpels.

Senior Kellie Malone and Professor Sherry Wood examine ground cover on Mount Spokane. “This is one of the few areas around here that you can get high up enough that you get sub-alpine plants,” Wood said.

Caitlin Haan and Connor Kulasingam listen as Professor Sherry Wood points out plants off the side of the road. “I’m just looking for new and different things that I haven’t been able to show students before,” Wood said.

Kirsten Price listens to Professor Sherry Wood.

A student collects bluebells for her group’s final class project.

Sophomore Alex Kingery takes notes in her field notebook. “One of the things they learn to do is enhance their observational skills,” Wood said.

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