By Danny Chastain (’15)

Why Colombia? It was the question I had been asking myself for months.

I had sung with the Gonzaga Choirs for three out of my four years at Gonzaga and also worked as a photographer for Student Publications this past year. I was nervous to travel, but it was an amazing opportunity. I stayed up nights thinking about all the photos I would find in Colombia. I wanted other people to view my images and feel as if they were a part of the same epic journey. Being a photographer is an opportunity to be observant – not simply understanding where you are, but understanding that there is beauty in everything.

When we arrived in Bogota I photographed almost everything I could – I was a kid in a much larger candy shop. But looking through the lens I began to realize that the city nestled high in the Andes Mountains was actually much more sophisticated and forward thinking than what I had heard.

Never had I met a group of people so genuine and welcoming as the group of students and faculty that we worked and sang with in Colombia. It is easy to tell people back in the U.S. about all the amazing people we met and the fascinating things we saw and did in Colombia, but it is now only a memory in our minds and a collection of images.

The following set of photos are a glimpse of my time and experience in Colombia where I grew as a photographer and a person.

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