What does it mean to be a Zag?

It means living out your God-given purpose.

It means offering your talents and resources in service.

It means believing in the future of this school.

It means working together to demonstrate…


With Gonzaga Will, we can accomplish anything.

In October, Gonzaga launched an ambitious effort that will shape our future. It represents our ideals and intentions as a Jesuit university. It is a bold declaration of our plans to best serve our students, and in so doing, continue making our community and world a better place.

Gonzaga Will is our promise. We will:

  • Increase scholarship support so deserving students can discover their promise at Gonzaga, and become leaders who will shape communities and professions for the common good.
  • Foster interdisciplinary programs, experiential learning and student research opportunities to expand students’ capacity for innovation and ability to develop solutions for complex challenges.
  • Expand and enrich opportunities for international engagement, and invite the brightest, boldest international thinkers to campus to share their wisdom.
  • Modernize our science labs, libraries, athletic facilities and creative spaces so our scientists, student-athletes and artists can develop their potential to the fullest.
  • Expand on our commitment to building sustainable communities across the globe.

To realize this vision, we must come together as a community of Zags. We must support the university we believe in.

Hands outstretched and hearts open, Gonzaga Will.

To learn more about the Gonzaga Will campaign and how you can join in, please visit gonzagawill.com.

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