More than 40 joined the GU faculty this year. Meet four of them.

Chase Bollig, English

Home: Duncan, Oklahoma

Education: Ohio State University, University of Oklahoma

English: Rhetoric, composition and literacy

Teaching Style: Energetic, awkward, sincere and discussion-based

First-timer: I am the first in my family to go to college. I try to be accessible to students who are learning to adapt to college cultures.

Favorite Books: When I’m trying to sound smart, Moby-Dick and Invisible Man. The rest of the time, I’m a sucker for post-apocalyptic stories.

Internet Safety: As a freshman, I posted a few photos to a website showcasing awesome beards. I forgot about it, but it’s always there, at the bottom of my Google search results. It’s a good warning to students that the Internet never forgets.

Nicole Miller, Physics

Home: Spokane

Education: University of Rochester, Harvey Mudd College, Hamilton College (France)

Physics: It’s a fun reason to do calculus problems. I love that it lets us ask and answer a lot of questions about what’s happening around us.

Scholarly Interests: Focal fields, optical tweezers, Mie scattering, novel polarization states

Classroom Style: It’s rare for me to talk for more than 15 minutes without a break for some active learning.

Personal Interests: Volunteering, hanging out with family, watching baseball, cooking/baking, knitting, running, swimming.

Random: I’m fluent in French, and I speak some Spanish and Italian. I’m really into Spoon (rock music) and I love giraffes.


Home: Lagos, Nigeria

Teaching Experience: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), University of Texas at Dallas

Chemistry: I am fascinated by the fact that an understanding of chemistry could result in the development of drugs capable of curing a range of illnesses.

Research & Medicine: At MIT, my research focused on the development of biomedical imaging agents for cancer diagnosis and assessment of treatment response.

Teaching: Nothing can replace the satisfaction that I derive from seeing students learn something new.

Gonzaga: The impressive chemistry faculty here have found a way to engage in high-quality research without sacrificing teaching excellence. They really do care about their students, and are highly supportive of each other.

Personal Interests: Contemporary Christian music, especially Hillsong United and Jesus Culture.

Joseph Nguyen, S.J., Religious Studies

Home: Vietnam, where my family lived until I was 21. And Gonzaga is home, too.

Education: Saint Louis University, Boston College, Santa Clara University

Scholarly Interests: Early Church and Ignatian spirituality

Being a Priest: I’m the youngest Jesuit at Gonzaga, and it’s very exciting to hear about the vision for a Jesuit center to draw more Jesuits to Spokane.

Personal Interests: Classical music (Bach and Mozart), watching tennis and soccer, taking walks

Trivia: When my family moved to the United States, we originally settled in Nashville, so I heard a lot of country music. It is good for learning English!

Religious Studies: For those who aren’t from the Christian tradition, I say, approach this course from your own human experience. We all have the yearning for something beyond ourselves – explore that.

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