Though the COG features some delicious meals, it still can’t seem to beat a home-cooked meal from Mom or Dad. Six Gonzaga students reminisce on their favorite food from home:

  • I love my mom’s Dutch Babies with fruit compote on top.
    — Katherine Heinlen (Seattle)

  • While in Florence, I’ve been missing my mom’s snickerdoodle cookies.
    —Kelley O’Toole (Portland)

  • My mom’s tortilla soup and marionberry pie.
    — Madeline Hueske (Bend, Oregon)

  • My mom’s asparagus spaghetti with shrimp – it’s really good.
    — Russell Jang (Piedmont, California)

  • Filipino food! I always make pancit and lumpia with my dad when I am home for break.
    — Charlie Ibarra (Roseville, California)

  • My mom makes this Spanish soup called pesole that I love.
    — Connor Coombs (Camas, Washington)

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