Father Arthur L. Dussault, S.J.

(pronounced due-SO)

Mr. Gonzaga was dean of men, athletic director, director of public relations and alumni coordinator, vice president for university relations and vice president of the university. But most importantly, this beloved priest was friend to thousands of Gonzagans during his 66 years on campus.


When I came to Spokane in August 1966, my dad, Dr. John Theriot (’35), told me to introduce myself to Fr. Dussault. As I arrived by taxi near DeSmet Hall, suddenly comes toward me this huge, 6-foot-5 man dressed in black with a booming voice and massive hands. He seemed so intimidating. This gentle giant graciously inquired about my dad and excitedly walked me across the entire campus, sharing precious vignettes on all the great students and professors who have honored these halls since its founding. I’ll never forget the warmth and kindness of this impressive man. He was a living, breathing embodiment of the great Jesuit pioneering spirit and force that I imagined Fr. DeSmet was.

Paul Theriot, ’70, ’72
Highlands Ranch, Colo.

Fr. Art came to our house in Edina, Minn., every Christmas for years and celebrated Christmas Eve Mass. During the summer he would often come for a stay, and the intimate Mass he would say was always a highlight of his visit. He was one of the great ones, and responsible for me, my sister, and my brother’s choice to attend Gonzaga, as well as others.

Erica Fields, ’80
St. Paul, Minn.

Everyone knew who Fr. Dussault was. I didn’t have much contact with him, but he was from a generation of Jesuits who formed me. Fr. Gerard Steckler and Fr. Al Carroll, especially, fall into that category. They were all incredible men.

Frank Petrino, ’76
Tacoma, Wash.

Without a doubt the photo of the mystery Zag is an old friend, Fr. Art Dussault! A supporter of anything athletic, he also supported something close to a group who still hang around GU the third weekend of every September: the Gonzaga Men’s Glee Club. The club was the recruiting tool for GU long before there was a basketball team.

Dick Manning, ’60
Port Angeles, Wash.

How wonderful to see photos of a mentor, fellow alum and dear friend! Fr. Art Dussault was director of development during the early 1950s. He utilized the efforts of Montana Club members to create lasting projects such as the beloved Virgin Mary Shrine adjacent to St. Al’s and poplar trees along the south border of developed campus. That was the only way the wayward members of this dominant association on campus could be reinstated!

John J. Donoghue ’57
Big Fork, Mont.

Fr. Art knew every student by name and would take time to help whenever he could. Probably a bigger ambassador than even Bing. He presided at my father’s funeral. He made a big difference at Gonzaga, both to the institution and all the students and faculty he encountered. Great memories!

Tom Moore ’75
Bloomington, Minn.

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