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Special-Edition Campaign Centerfolds

Dec 05, 2016 Comments Off on Special-Edition Campaign Centerfolds by

Did you miss one of our special-edition centerfolds?  Here’s your chance to catch up and download all 4 of them! Tenacious Download PDF Relevant Download PDF Magis Download PDF Inspired Download PDF

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Today’s Challenges for Jesuit Universities

Aug 08, 2016 Comments Off on Today’s Challenges for Jesuit Universities by

Gonzaga Magazine asked Father Jim Voiss, S.J., (’82) rector of the Jesuit community at Gonzaga and recent interim VP of Mission for the University, to share his views on what Jesuit universities today are facing. Here’s what he had to say. Jesuit universities operate very independently of one another, which promotes individual institutional identity, but does not always result in the most […]

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The Life and Loves of Jenilee

Apr 07, 2016 Comments Off on The Life and Loves of Jenilee by

During her freshman year at Gonzaga, Sophie Telles took a course that required partnering with a Catholic Charities organization.  That’s how she met 78-year-old Jenilee, a resident at the O’Malley House (senior apartments), who is now like her second grandmother.  The class may be long over, but these two have an ongoing relationship, one that […]

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The Big Picture: Doorways

Feb 05, 2016 Comments Off on The Big Picture: Doorways by

Author Manuel Gonzales crafted a unique story based on a photo taken during a GU trip to Colombia in 2015.

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Feb 02, 2016 Comments Off on Doorways by

By Manuel Gonzales   What he liked about these doors, what he liked about this doorway, what he liked about standing in the shadows — not literally, not right now — of these doors in this doorway, was how they towered over him. People, too, foreigners, especially, towered over him. This he did not like […]

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Capturing Colombia

Aug 28, 2015 Comments Off on Capturing Colombia by

By Danny Chastain (’15) Why Colombia? It was the question I had been asking myself for months. I had sung with the Gonzaga Choirs for three out of my four years at Gonzaga and also worked as a photographer for Student Publications this past year. I was nervous to travel, but it was an amazing opportunity. […]

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One Cover, Many Stories

Aug 27, 2015 Comments Off on One Cover, Many Stories by

Logistically a magazine can only have one actual cover, and making that selection is always tough.  As we launch our resigned cover this month, we want to share with you some of the images which were contenders for the face of the “new” Gonzaga Magazine. We’ve spent the last few months pouring over new designs, and we […]

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Kanisa Litajengwa

Aug 14, 2015 Comments Off on Kanisa Litajengwa by

A Rwandan song is performed by The Gonzaga Chamber Choir, Desepaz School of Music and the Choir from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Cali.

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