$240 million raised
34,000 donors involved
95% of our goal achieved
251 new scholarships created
112,726 financial commitments

This is Gonzaga Will.

It stretches far beyond the boundaries of our campus, and it extends well past the borders of Spokane.

It’s in every mind we’ve opened. Every life we’ve touched. Every incredible accomplishment we’ve achieved – and every possibility that still lies ahead of us. Our groundwork has been laid. But our legacy is still in the making.

When we show Our Will,
phenomenal things happen.

100,000 service hours annually
338 alums are Peace Corps volunteers; ranked #1 for small colleges/universities
54 professional athletes*
20 Fulbright Scholars*
      *over time

Because of you, Gonzaga Will make higher education accessible by providing more scholarships. Gonzaga Will continue to focus on maintaining state-of-the-art facilities and providing students with increased networking opportunities. Gonzaga Will unfold the potential that exists in every student.

Since launching in October 2015, the Gonzaga Will campaign has achieved incredible milestones. We see it every day in the faces of our students, in our beautiful new facilities, in the artful teaching from our faculty members and in our innovative academic programs. To all of you who have gotten us this far, THANK YOU.

It’s inherently Jesuit to not settle, to not rest and rely on what we have today. Our campaign goal of $250 million is within our reach.

Here at Gonzaga, we’re just getting started.

Endowed Scholarships

Endowed scholarships provide support for Gonzaga students in perpetuity, because the original gifts are not spent — instead, endowed gifts are prudently invested according to the University’s Endowment Investment Policy. Each year, approximately 5 percent of each scholarship fund’s market value is awarded to students according to the wishes of the donor(s) who established the fund.

For more information about endowed scholarships and how you can create one at Gonzaga University, please contact Gonzaga Stewardship Specialist Heidi Wohl at wohl@gonzaga.edu or 800-463-6925.

One good deed leads to another

In 1987, when the Daniel G. Brajcich Scholarship was established, Megan (Taylor) Satchell (’02, ’07) was just 8 years old, attending Catholic elementary school. She had no knowledge of the Gonzaga professor emeritus whose career spanned five decades and inspired hundreds of Zags in the field of accounting — a man who would inevitably influence the path for her own future.

Brajcich’s impact on the University was legendary. “I always told my students they could do anything if they just believed they could, and tried,” he once said. He routinely kept in touch with his students after graduation, and it was this continued care that inspired a group of grateful alumni to establish the endowed scholarship fund in his name. Since then, more than 545 students have benefited from $830,000 in scholarships from the fund honoring Brajcich. Satchell was one of those students.

“Receiving the Daniel G. Brajcich Scholarship was one of the factors that helped solidify my choice to come to Gonzaga in 1997,” Satchell said. “The scholarship and his influence on the School of Business also helped me narrow my focus to finance.”

After both Satchell and her sister, Sarah (Taylor) Schwering (’04, ’07) graduated from Gonzaga, their parents, Richard (Board of Regents) and Barbara Taylor, created an endowed fund in their names.

“From the time our daughters first stepped on campus, we knew Gonzaga would play an invaluable role in
their educational and spiritual lives,” said Richard. “My wife and I chose to contribute to Gonzaga scholarships so that the decision to enroll would be more about a student’s desire than the economics of paying for college.”

Why I Give

  • “The Jesuits, the students, the leadership, the Gonzaga community – these inspire my wife, Jenny, and me to give to Gonzaga University. Gonzaga holds a special place in our hearts and certainly has helped mold who we are. Giving back is one small way to provide an opportunity to students today, as they are our future in making our world a better place!”
    Kevin P. West (’85), University Regent
  • “My reason for giving is simple: Graduates from Gonzaga believe they can make a difference for other people. The world needs people who believe and are willing to make a difference.”
    Dale Garrett (’83)
  • “We began giving to Gonzaga with a very modest donation after receiving a call from a student fundraiser. Our oldest daughter had recently begun her freshman year and was off to a good start so we were happy to participate. As each year progressed, our confidence in the University increased as we observed the growth of our daughter and shared in the journey of her friends. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that your contribution helps make it possible for someone to build an educational and spiritual foundation – a connectedness that will stay with them through a lifetime.”
    Kim Sparks
  • “I give because it’s payback time! My GU Engineering degree led to a very rewarding career.”
    Jack McElroy (’63)
  • “Gonzaga provided a healthy and productive environment for me to gain a fantastic education as well as the opportunity to learn from real-world experiences. I strongly believe that Gonzaga, with its time-honored core values and superior faculty, continues to provide those opportunities today without the unhealthy distractions and interferences which seem to be so prevalent in larger universities. I give because Gonzaga is and will continue to be a great university for all students to gain an exceptional yet practical education!”
    Bill Lampson (’72)
  • “I give to Gonzaga because working on my Master’s in Organizational Leadership literally changed my life. It allowed me to become a better person and gave me enough confidence to achieve a doctoral degree. I love Gonzaga because of its Jesuit traditions, excellent education and professors, which gave me the chance to become a new person!”
    Robyn Holder (’08)

Athena Sok (’19)

Hometown: Tacoma, Washington
Major: History
Love: Nature, animals
Career Plan: Teacher, Principal, Superintendent
Inspiration: My family

In the late 1970s, a communist regime in Cambodia overtook nearly 2 million people and held them captive for five years. Among them were Milton Sok and Sokhonn Vay, who were deprived of finishing a high school education before starting their family. Eventually, they arrived in America with nothing … except the willpower to give their children an education.

Athena Sok was the youngest of those children and the first to be born in the U.S. Two brothers taught her to be tough, adventurous and curious, and two sisters pushed her to excel academically. The combination resulted in her commitment to high school leadership and extraordinary community service, and ultimately, to Gonzaga where she found “the greatest feeling of support, community and love.”

Make your donation online at gonzaga.edu/giving.

Athena says, “My No. 1 dream is return to my high school and become a principal and eventually superintendent. I want to serve students and their families in my community on a higher level.”

Today, she credits her academic willpower to her parents, a competitive spirit to her four siblings, and her unwavering gratitude to Gonzaga donors who provide scholarships.

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